Coralie Beatrix Summer Lookbook

The theme was nautical meets photo booth and so aptly named 'Loose Lips Sink Ships' (Rachael comes up with the catchiest titles). Though these are not quite our normal style, it's so fun to try new things. I adore a good photo booth backdrop and this was a great excuse to I make all the paper goods by hand; nimble Asian fingers at work. Check out Katie's perfect convertible dresses on Etsy...

coraliebeatrix-00CoralieSummer_181CoralieSummer_294coraliebeatrix-05 CoralieSummer_046 coraliebeatrix-10

coraliebeatrix-11CoralieSummer_107b coraliebeatrix-13 coraliebeatrix-01b coraliebeatrix-08 coraliebeatrix-12 CoralieSummer_205CoralieSummer_276b