Mystic Hot Springs

Welp, Utah is secretly the best place on earth. I really want it to stay that way but we keep taking photos and telling everyone about it, which is counter productive to the cause. Ha ha.

Jess and I had a full house over the holidays - two of my closest, Rachael and Kasia came out from California to spend new year's here while my other buddy Evan was also visiting from Mexico. I'm super stoked Evan was motivated enough to make a day trip out of these hot springs in the middle of nowhere Monroe, UT (~2.5 hours from Salt Lake City). Mystic Hot Springs totally lives up to its name - equal parts mysterious, beautiful and creepy. What better way to spend quality time with your favorite humans.

p.s. Evan's been learning how to photograph and I included a few of his gems in this post. We are so proud of him. :)