Pow Wow Party

When Pow Wow Design Studio has a party...they have a PARTY. I was Siren Floral Co's date to the shindig and I attempted to try and "help" her with some florals. Attempted is the key word here. Fortunately, her mad flower skills far out rule my black thumb. Thank God for that. I took a few shots of the setup but not the party because I was too busy...well...partying. Tequila is not my friend, I can tell you that much. ha.

If you ever find yourself in need of rad vintage rentals or event design, head over to Pow Wow. These ladies rock the sh**. And if you ever find yourself in need of beautiful flowers, Siren Floral Co is definitely your girl.

PowWowParty_01 PowWowParty_02 PowWowParty_02b PowWowParty_03 PowWowParty_06 PowWowParty_08 PowWowParty_10 PowWowParty_13 PowWowParty_14 PowWowParty_16 PowWowParty_18 PowWowParty_22 PowWowParty_25 PowWowParty_27 PowWowParty_28 PowWowParty_31 PowWowParty_34 PowWowParty_38 PowWowParty_40b PowWowParty_41 PowWowParty_42 PowWowParty_42b PowWowParty_43 PowWowParty_49 PowWowParty_54 PowWowParty_54b PowWowParty_55 PowWowParty_56 PowWowParty_60 PowWowParty_68 PowWowParty_30