I'm on a Boat

I've lived in Cali for 17 years and this was my first time at Dana Point. So glad I got to come here before we move to SLC. Worked with Coralie Beatrix again for her new season of dresses and I couldn't have asked for better subjects; Maile and Jade were perfect. FYI, this sailboat is not as big as it looks and I was always on the cusp of an unwelcome swim at any moment. But the good news...I successfully managed to NOT throw up on a boat. Everyone's a winner.

CbBoat_001 CbBoat_002 CbBoat_003 CbBoat_004 CbBoat_006 CbBoat_007 CbBoat_008 CbBoat_048 CbBoat_055 CbBoat_062 CbBoat_077 CbBoat_085 CbBoat_098 CbBoat_111 CbBoat_124 CbBoat_139 CbBoat_144 CbBoat_145 CbBoat_146 CbBoat_147 CbBoat_148 CbBoat_169