Maderas Village

Free People Sur la Sol

So I I'm not sure what magical unicorns I wished on to make this happen, but I unintentionally uploaded a photo to Free People while they happened to be running a photo contest - and won it. Well technically I was 1 of 10 winners, but that's still pretty insane. And the prize was a 7 day, all expenses paid yoga retreat to Nicaragua. I'm not even mad about it. As it turns out, Free People is turning this kind of retreat into a regular thing called FP Escapes so if you're interested in going on your own amazing FP adventure, check out more info here

I'd like to personally thank Free Peeps for a ridiculous vacation, new life long friends, and all of the hammocks I could manage to smuggle back into the US. Gratitude doesn't even begin to explain it so I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Nicaragua_001 Nicaragua_002 Nicaragua_007 Nicaragua_005 Nicaragua_008 Nicaragua_009 Nicaragua_013 Nicaragua_014 Nicaragua_015 Nicaragua_016 Nicaragua_017 Nicaragua_018 Nicaragua_020 Nicaragua_021 Nicaragua_022 Nicaragua_023 Nicaragua_024 Nicaragua_027 Nicaragua_031 Nicaragua_032 Nicaragua_033 Nicaragua_037 Nicaragua_038 Nicaragua_039 Nicaragua_040 Nicaragua_041 Nicaragua_044 Nicaragua_049 Nicaragua_049b Nicaragua_050 Nicaragua_051 Nicaragua_052 Nicaragua_056 Nicaragua_057 Nicaragua_059 Nicaragua_061 Nicaragua_062 Nicaragua_063 Nicaragua_064 Nicaragua_065 Nicaragua_066 Nicaragua_066B Nicaragua_066D Nicaragua_066E Nicaragua_068 Nicaragua_068B Nicaragua_069 Nicaragua_070 Nicaragua_071 Nicaragua_074 Nicaragua_090 Nicaragua_091 Nicaragua_094 Nicaragua_098 Nicaragua_098b Nicaragua_099 Nicaragua_104 Nicaragua_105 Nicaragua_106 Nicaragua_111 Nicaragua_114 Nicaragua_120Nicaragua_125 Nicaragua_121 Nicaragua_122 Nicaragua_131 Nicaragua_139 Nicaragua_140 Nicaragua_141 Nicaragua_143 Nicaragua_145 Nicaragua_149 Nicaragua_152 Nicaragua_155 Nicaragua_157Nicaragua_158Nicaragua_153 Nicaragua_163 Nicaragua_165 Nicaragua_168 Nicaragua_174Nicaragua_181 Nicaragua_193 Nicaragua_196 Nicaragua_223 Nicaragua_224Nicaragua_224B Nicaragua_224A Nicaragua_227 Nicaragua_228b Nicaragua_228C Nicaragua_229 Nicaragua_230 Nicaragua_231b Nicaragua_232 Nicaragua_234 Nicaragua_237 Nicaragua_243 Nicaragua_245 Nicaragua_249 Nicaragua_254 Nicaragua_255 Nicaragua_258 Nicaragua_262 Nicaragua_265 Nicaragua_266 Nicaragua_268 Nicaragua_273 Nicaragua_278 Nicaragua_279 Nicaragua_289 Nicaragua_294 Nicaragua_296 Nicaragua_297 Nicaragua_299 Nicaragua_321 Nicaragua_329 Nicaragua_340 Nicaragua_346 Nicaragua_349 Nicaragua_350 Nicaragua_355 Nicaragua_356 Nicaragua_357 Nicaragua_363 Nicaragua_364 Nicaragua_365 Nicaragua_366 Nicaragua_371 Nicaragua_399 Nicaragua_400 Nicaragua_406 Nicaragua_412 Nicaragua_413 Nicaragua_423 Nicaragua_435Nicaragua_437Nicaragua_440 Nicaragua_444 Nicaragua_450 Nicaragua_454Nicaragua_373 Nicaragua_457