Pow Wow Design Studio

Betsy's Birthday

You know it's gonna be a rul good time when Betsy (SMID) and Farra (Hostess Haven) throw a party. And you definitely know your hostess skills will be put to complete shame, but you're strangely okay with that too.

In case you were wondering, Betsy is one of my closest friends, my interior design sensei, and an overall badass lady boss. For her birthday she wanted nothing more than to have an intimate backyard dinner with her closest. The theme she and Farra brainstormed up was 'cactus and crystals' - and it couldn't have turned out more beautifully. I rarely have merry-making envy but I can't help it with these guys - they win so hard every single time.

A special thanks to Juan (A Miho Experience) for the most epic food - way to work an event while under-the-weather where you were also an esteemed guest LOL. Thanks to Tina (Miss Multee) for the calligraphy which will be making an appearance in one of my upcoming dinner parties. And thank you to Melissa (Pow Wow Design Studio) for some of the gorgeous vintage pieces - we were sooo bummed you and Corbin couldn't make it!

Am I lucky to have such inspiring and creative friends? Sure. But am I more lucky to have good people in my life that make me a better person? Most def. Love you, Betsy.

p.s. Jess and Betsy share a birthday and he tricked me into coming out to see Bets while he's sitting at home recovering from an ACL surgery alone on his birthday. You're a gem, Jess Downer.

Pow Wow Party

When Pow Wow Design Studio has a party...they have a PARTY. I was Siren Floral Co's date to the shindig and I attempted to try and "help" her with some florals. Attempted is the key word here. Fortunately, her mad flower skills far out rule my black thumb. Thank God for that. I took a few shots of the setup but not the party because I was too busy...well...partying. Tequila is not my friend, I can tell you that much. ha.

If you ever find yourself in need of rad vintage rentals or event design, head over to Pow Wow. These ladies rock the sh**. And if you ever find yourself in need of beautiful flowers, Siren Floral Co is definitely your girl.

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