Punta Banda

A Day in Mexico

One benefit of going to California for work: the opportunity to take mini day trips to Mexico. My buddy Evan recently moved to Punta Banda from SLC so Kasia and I decided to crash his pad and make him take me on a taco tour of Ensenada. This is basically just pics of us eating for 12 hours straight... Mexico_001 Mexico_004 Mexico_005 Mexico_008 Mexico_009 Mexico_010 Mexico_011 Mexico_012 Mexico_013 Mexico_014 Mexico_016 Mexico_017 Mexico_018 Mexico_019 Mexico_020 Mexico_021 Mexico_022 Mexico_023 Mexico_024 Mexico_026 Mexico_27 Mexico_030 Mexico_032 Mexico_035 Mexico_036 Mexico_037 Mexico_039 Mexico_041 Mexico_043 Mexico_044 Mexico_045 Mexico_046 Mexico_047 Mexico_048 Mexico_050 Mexico_059 Mexico_060 Mexico_061 Mexico_073-3 Mexico_088 Mexico_090 Mexico_091 Mexico_092 Mexico_093 Mexico_096 Mexico_098 Mexico_099 Mexico_100 Mexico_101 Mexico_102 Mexico_103 Mexico_104 Mexico_108 Mexico_109 Mexico_111 Mexico_115Mexico_112 Mexico_120 Mexico_121 Mexico_124 Mexico_126 Mexico_127 Mexico_128 Mexico_130 Mexico_131 Mexico_132 Mexico_133 Mexico_134 Mexico_135 Mexico_138 Mexico_139 Mexico_140 Mexico_141 Mexico_142 Mexico_147 Mexico_152 Mexico_155Mexico_156Mexico_129