Salt Lake City


I love shooting women. There. I said it. How can you not? Beautiful, dynamic, intelligent, strong - I have to capture all of it. It's everything to me. 

Some personal work with my best babe, Rachael on her last visit to Salt Lake City. I guess you could call this boudoir? Let's just call it being comfortable in your own skin and hanging out in a bedroom. A super huge thanks to Amy and Kerri for letting us use their amazing home in Rose Park. I could literally live here forever and never change a thing.

NSFW (not safe for work)


Jillian is a dream: smart, witty, kind, and obviously beautiful. She was also the perfect subject for my latest personal project. I've been super obsessed with Asher Moss' photography and wanted to do some personal shooting inspired by his work. I am fortunate to have such great creative chemistry with friends like Jillian - she's a rare bird that can get inside my head and understand exactly what I'm trying to create. Sometimes the best things you make are for no reason at all.

Special thanks to my good friend Cody Derrick (founder of Cityhome Collective) for letting me borrow his gorgeous home for this shoot. He routinely rents out this space for video/film so if you're in the SLC area and interested in a gorgeous moody place to make magic, I'd highly recommend contacting him for rates.