Soil and Stem

Flower Power

If you've ever met me, you'd know that I wanna do ALL OF THE THINGS. I collect hobbies - EVERY hobby. And I recently decided that I'd love to get into floral designing; thanks to the expert tutelage of Siren Floral Co, Plenty of Petals, and Soil and Stem I've had the opportunity to start floralizing the right way. These women are literally some of the best in the business and I am so lucky to call them all friends.

Solo attempt 1...I used flowers from Cactus and Tropicals and Trader Joes. All foraged greenery.

Solo attempt 2...I used flowers from Whole Foods. All foraged greenery.

Solo attempt 3...this was done in Nicole's home studio (Soil and Stem) at her spring floral potluck. It was so much fun; she basically invited a bunch of friends over, each person brought flowers/greens/vessels, and we enjoyed great company and food while floral arranging. Most of my flowers are from Whole Foods and trimmed from Nicole's yard. All foraged greenery.

Thanksgiving 2015

Jess and I hosted our second Thanksgiving with some of our favorites and dare I say, it was the most delicious Thanksgiving in recorded human history. I'm super stoked I was only in charge of making it look pretty because cooking is not my forte. Can we all agree that potluck is the way to do this always?? Everyone brought their chef A game and we reaped all the benefits. Way to go, team...we owned Thanksgiving. Nata: Brussel sprouts, gouda mashed potatoes

Jess: Ham, cranberry old fashion cocktails

Will & Brenna: 18 hr brined turkey, cornbread stuffing, stock gravy

Jasmine: Sweet potato pecan casserole, pumpkin pie, custard bread pudding

Christine & Michael: Green bean casserole, New Zealand mac and cheese

p.s. Not a whole lotta people photos...too busy stuffing our faces into a food coma. Whoops!

p.p.s. A special thanks for Nicole at Soil and Stem for the gorgeous centerpiece. Her work is some of the most beautiful, moody, and creative floral I've ever seen...I'm super happy to have her as a neighbor :)

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