Thanksgiving 2016

This year has been interesting. Probably the hardest year in awhile but also one of the best. Jess and I are thankful for so many things and never take those for granted.

The older we get, the more we realize the importance of surrounding ourselves with humans that make us better. We are lucky to know countless people who are just like that, and luckier still to gather with them on a regular basis.

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Evan - who is basically more like family than a friend. He cooked our most epic Thanksgiving day dinner - and I don't have the words to adequately convey how much he means to us.

My friend Nicole was gracious enough to provide the most beautiful deconstructed floral. She is the brainchild behind Soil and Stem - one of the most talented floral artists on the planet. 

Thanks for being some of our favorite people: Jasmine, Kim, Amy, Kerri, and Michael.

This year's tablescape was inspired by specimen study. Beautiful, delicate, and just the right amount of creepy.