The Christoffersons

Wanna know what the most photogenic family in the world looks like? Well, here you go. I was lucky enough to connect with Dan on a collaborative art project for a local retaurant called FINCA. He's a ridiculously talented artist/illustrator and Jill - his bombshell babe of a wife - is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. This genetic dream team might have created the most perfect babe that history has ever known and we got to hang out with them for a bit. I am thankful for everything I've learned about family from these three. Baby Grey, you are the luckiest one. ChristoffersonFam_001 ChristoffersonFam_002 ChristoffersonFam_003 ChristoffersonFam_007 ChristoffersonFam_009 ChristoffersonFam_015 ChristoffersonFam_023 ChristoffersonFam_024 ChristoffersonFam_024 ChristoffersonFam_026 ChristoffersonFam_030ChristoffersonFam_048 ChristoffersonFam_039 ChristoffersonFam_040 ChristoffersonFam_054 ChristoffersonFam_062 ChristoffersonFam_071 ChristoffersonFam_077 ChristoffersonFam_068 ChristoffersonFam_099 ChristoffersonFam_101 ChristoffersonFam_128 ChristoffersonFam_132 ChristoffersonFam_137 ChristoffersonFam_147 ChristoffersonFam_168 ChristoffersonFam_169 ChristoffersonFam_194ChristoffersonFam_192 ChristoffersonFam_202ChristoffersonFam_220 ChristoffersonFam_209ChristoffersonFam_210 ChristoffersonFam_231 ChristoffersonFam_234 ChristoffersonFam_158 ChristoffersonFam_151 ChristoffersonFam_235ChristoffersonFam_265 ChristoffersonFam_246 ChristoffersonFam_251 ChristoffersonFam_267 ChristoffersonFam_277 ChristoffersonFam_280 ChristoffersonFam_281 ChristoffersonFam_293