The Cortez Family

Shot a few quick "Christmas card" family photos on an overcast day (of course). I love these guys so much. I've known Nasim for 8 years now...most of which was sans child. And now I couldn't imagine her life without Addy. She's a doll and will undoubtedly grow up to be a model-volleyball player-nuclear physicist with her amazing gene pool. Miss you already. CortezFam_000 CortezFam_001 CortezFam_004 CortezFam_009 CortezFam_010 CortezFam_016 CortezFam_024 CortezFam_025CortezFam_045CortezFam_054 CortezFam_057 CortezFam_058CortezFam_053CortezFam_067CortezFam_069CortezFam_091 CortezFam_097 CortezFam_098 CortezFam_103