Uintas Backpacking

Jess took me on a quick midweek overnight backpacking trip to Uintas because...well, Utah. My girl Annabel suggested the Highline Trail and we were off. Against Jess' better judgement, I brought my camera...FYI, cameras weigh a non-zero amount and that mess is not the business when you're already lugging 45 lbs on your back. Amateur hour. bwahaha. And as a public service announcement, if you head up to the Uintahs in the middle of summer, please bring Deep Woods Off - none of that hippie REI/Whole Foods rubbish. And good luck leaving your tent around dusk...it just won't happen unless you wanna enter the mosquito apocalypse.

BUT...so so so so worth it.


Uintahs_03Uintahs_04Uintahs_05 Uintahs_07 Uintahs_08 Uintahs_10 Uintahs_11 Uintahs_12a Uintahs_14 Uintahs_15 Uintahs_16 Uintahs_17 Uintahs_18 Uintahs_19 Uintahs_20 Uintahs_21 Uintahs_22-2 Uintahs_23 Uintahs_26 Uintahs_27 Uintahs_28 Uintahs_29 Uintahs_30 Uintahs_32 Uintahs_34-2 Uintahs_35 Uintahs_38 Uintahs_39-2 Uintahs_40 Uintahs_41 Uintahs_42 Uintahs_42b Uintahs_46 Uintahs_42c Uintahs_43 Uintahs_45 Uintahs_46b Uintahs_47 Uintahs_50 Uintahs_51 Uintahs_52 Uintahs_53