Jess and Evan's Moab Birthday

The past month for Jess at work has been insane to say the least so he was especially stoked on this little trip outta town. With no time to spare, we packed up in just under an hour and headed to southern Utah... 

Kim and I planned a quick weekend trip to Moab for a Evan and Jess' joint birthday celebration and it did not disappoint. Moab is the most magical and getting to spend time there with some of my favorite people made it that much better. Our first night was car camping at Kim's special spot that overlooks Canyonlands National Park and the second night glamping was at Moab Under Canvas.

Sometimes you need a little reminder that making memories with people you love should always be high on your to-do list...

Moab Bday-197.jpg
Moab Bday-357.jpg

Meadow Hot Springs

Jess and I have a new Christmas tradition: visiting hot springs and drinking all of the whiskey. We did this last Christmas at Fifth Water Hot Springs with Evan and were about to do a repeat when Kim had the brilliant idea to go to Meadow Hot Springs instead. I'm glad I got a few photos but I was honestly not interested in photographing so much as I was interested in soaking and casually drinking. Merry Christmas!