Fifth Water Hot Springs

Though I don't ski, there is no shortage of things to do outdoors...even in December. Winter hiking in Utah has gotta be one of my most favorite things ever. Evan, Jess and I decided to hit up Fifth Water Hot Springs for a late afternoon winter dip. In other seasons, it is normally just 2.3 miles out to the hot springs but the road leading up to the trail head was closed so we ended up hiking about 12 miles round trip (even hiked back in the dark). BUT totally worth it. And the best part is we somehow timed it perfectly that no one was out there while we were soaking...I friggin love Utah. The end. *sorry for the shoddy photo quality. I just got one of our cameras back from being cleaned and my normal settings were changed - I ended up shooting in small jpgs instead of raw. Super rookie move. Whoopsie. hahaaaaa.

DiamondHotSprings-001DiamondHotSprings-011DiamondHotSprings-014 DiamondHotSprings-017 DiamondHotSprings-024DiamondHotSprings-028DiamondHotSprings-038 DiamondHotSprings-040 DiamondHotSprings-043 DiamondHotSprings-044 DiamondHotSprings-045 DiamondHotSprings-047 DiamondHotSprings-048 DiamondHotSprings-049 DiamondHotSprings-052 DiamondHotSprings-057 DiamondHotSprings-060 DiamondHotSprings-063 DiamondHotSprings-065 DiamondHotSprings-066 DiamondHotSprings-067 DiamondHotSprings-073 DiamondHotSprings-077 DiamondHotSprings-078 DiamondHotSprings-080DiamondHotSprings-085-2 DiamondHotSprings-088 DiamondHotSprings-091 DiamondHotSprings-094DiamondHotSprings-105 DiamondHotSprings-095DiamondHotSprings-098-2 DiamondHotSprings-102 DiamondHotSprings-103 DiamondHotSprings-106 DiamondHotSprings-109 DiamondHotSprings-113 DiamondHotSprings-119 DiamondHotSprings-120 DiamondHotSprings-121 DiamondHotSprings-122