Turnt Down For What

As it turns out, Rachael only keeps the best people in her life. She introduced me to Lauren a few years ago - her witty banter pulled me in, but our mutually inappropriate sense of humor keeps us frands. My girl's life has been quite a whirlwind since we met: she started a small business, became a mom, and is now getting married to the best dude around. Actually, by the time this post was written she will have been married for 2 weeks. But we all know me and how timely I am with photo editing...soooo there's that. 

We celebrated at the Ojai Rancho Inn in Ojai, California - which is a gem of a tiny town rul close to Los Padres National Forest. If you've ever wondered what happened to all of those upscale hippies - they are alive and well in Ojai. And if you ever find yourself in this part of CA, I'd highly recommend stopping by Summer Camp and Fig for the sweetest curated goods. 

Oh yeah, and it was also Kasia's birthday so it turned into a dual celebration. Extra special thanks to Rachael for the rad swag and for organizing such a chill retreat. I'd expect nothing less. haha.