Crawford Denim

Thanks to my creative lover Rach, I got to work with Crawford Denim and Seaweed and Gravel on this rad project a few weeks ago. Rachael is a styling goddess and working with all these beautiful women was kind of a dream (I can tell you Jess was not bummed. Ha). If you ever find yourself in need of some high quality, 'Merican made jeans - head over to Seaweed and Gravel. My husband is only slightly obsessed with their raw denim. The best part is I got to shoot with the hubs, which doesn't happen as much as it should. At any rate, here's our day at the ranch.


Crawford_002 Crawford_003 Crawford_004 Crawford_005 Crawford_024 Crawford_030 Crawford_031 Crawford_066 Crawford_076 Crawford_081 Crawford_082Crawford_568 Crawford_575 Crawford_083 Crawford_100 Crawford_108 Crawford_107 Crawford_136Crawford_167-3 Crawford_168 Crawford_169 Crawford_169b Crawford_170 Crawford_171 Crawford_175 Crawford_213 Crawford_176 Crawford_223Crawford_224 Crawford_189 Crawford_238 Crawford_277 Crawford_268 Crawford_250 Crawford_287 Crawford_339 Crawford_379 Crawford_383 Crawford_384 Crawford_384b Crawford_384c Crawford_384d Crawford_385 Crawford_391 Crawford_413 Crawford_420Crawford_414 Crawford_425 Crawford_429 Crawford_435 Crawford_446 Crawford_485Crawford_467 Crawford_500 Crawford_505 Crawford_506 Crawford_511 Crawford_520 Crawford_550 Crawford_553 Crawford_560 Crawford_562Crawford_620 Crawford_619 Crawford_618 Crawford_577 Crawford_594 Crawford_597 Crawford_609 Crawford_610 Crawford_617