I know I know, EVERYONE and their mom has been to Iceland. Well, there's a great reason for that - this country is unlike any other place we've ever been - a land where majestic horses roam free, waterfalls outnumber people and sheep outnumber everything else. Jess and I were lucky enough to share part of the adventure with Rach, Nate, Kate, and Brando. We visited during late July through early August and I had totally planned on doing some milky way photos - but I casually forgot that IT NEVER GETS DARK IN THE SUMMER...whoops. One thing to note, half the photos were taken from a moving'll need to get good at this or make way more stops than we did. hahahahahaaaaa. Honestly, I don't have the poetry of language to describe how much I love this place so here's a crap ton of photos to do it for me.