Yellowstone Under Canvas

I have a forever love affair with Montana and Wyoming. There's something about the landscape and the culture that makes me long for a more simple life. Last year for Jess' birthday, we stayed at Moab Under Canvas and since that was such a success I decided to do Yellowstone Under Canvas this year with Rach and Nate - it also happened to be Nate's birthday so we had double rad birthday vibes. The ratio of fun to photo-taking was actually much higher than on past trips and I'm not bummed about it. Sometimes you've gotta live an experience instead of capturing it. 

**Side note: maybe don't attempt to rope four inner tubes together into a makeshift raft and go down a no-so-lazy river after a heavy rain season. You'll end up with a ton of bruises, capsizing twice, and losing your favorite tank top (however, the river at Under Canvas is legitimately lazy and you'll be just fine if you start there!).